Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Design an Online Radio Website

(This is a guest post by: Aron John, CA)
The website should be designed in a way that it is more informative and user-friendly for the users. It should be designed according to the specific needs of an user. A neatly designed website is very much important as it is the main factor that decides the strength and success of the website, it should have an eye catching design and make it out of the box. Live streaming should be the main focus, but there should be options for the users to browse through related content.

There are different pages that should be included in the content area these pages may include:

Live Music Page:: This is the most important page in the site as the major intention of the site is to make radio allow online. The server should be really fast so that thousands of users can stream the music at the same time without a hitch. This page should be made attractive and the user navigation should be made easy. The integrated player should be cross OS compatible (Should work on every Operating System including Mac, Windows and Linux). Jewish Radio is a website that has a player online in the homepage. 

Playlist Page:: A playlist page is a page that is important to include the variety of songs that are available online. The users should be able to customize their favourite playlists. There should be also a portion where a short glimpse to the most popular and newly added playlists could be watched. There should be also a list of pre-loaded playlists that are created according to the artists name.

Live Concert Page:: If you are planning to bring your Online radio company to the next level, you should be able to promote in both off-line and online. As a part of off-line marketing strategy it would be good if you conduct live concerts in different locations. Include a page which gives information on the next concert also include the videos of your previous concerts in that page. Hebrew Radio includes a video streaming page that will enable users to see videos online.

Contact Us Page:: There should be a page that is made especially for the users to interact with the admin/owner of the website. Customer feedback should be included and you should be able to find a solution to their problem. A good interaction with the users will add to the reputation of your website, bringing more active users online. 

Goodies Page:: Include a page where people get offers and prizes from your site (Marketing Strategy). Also include different online games or quiz that will make the users busy online and include a small prize for the one who wins.

So if you include these pages in a proper manner you will be able to receive a good results. Some of the tips given above could be generalized and could be used in any site. Marketing strategy should be different for different niche.